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Why does shutter speed keep changing?


I recently started using my new D800. It's not that new but I recently started using it. I keep it on Manual but the shutter speed keeps changing on me. All the time. I put it on one SS and all of a sudden it jumps to a different one while shooting. I put it back and it jumps to another one again, not always the same one. 

Wondering if I have it on some setting I'm not aware of or if it's malfunctioning. Thank you! 

(It also has pretty serious noise at ISOs like 500 and 800...... even with proper exposures. Don't understand what's going on with that either). 


  • My bet is that you have bracketing turned on. Do you see BKT on the top LCD by any chance?

    I shoot my D800 up to the max ISO if I have to and I would never describe 'pretty serious noise' on anything but the highest ISOs or when I poorly expose and need to raise the exposure very strongly in post. Nothing judicious use of noise reduction in post won't largely cure. Note that what you think might be a proper exposure might not be if you have bracketing turned on.
  • Thanks Nikonguy. Yes, I do see BKT in the LCD. Little icon next to the CF icon. Maybe I should read the manual. I will find out how to get rid of that and try again and hopefully it will stop. Thanks a lot. 

    If it's on bracket, wouldn't it be taking several photos at once or in quick succession? It hasn't been doing that. If I take a photo I get one photo, not three. Again, maybe I should read the manual. 
  • Agree that reading the manual would be a good idea. To get rid of BKT function press the BKT button (top of camera left side) and turn the command wheel until it says 0F.

    It will only shoot a bracketed burst if you are in Cl or Ch continuous shooting modes. You probably are in Single shot mode. In single, each click of the shutter will iterate through the bracket. In the continuous mode, you press and hold the shutter button and it will bang through them all.
  • Thanks again Nikonguy. Thank you for being so helpful. Yes, I'm in single shot mode and so that's exactly what's been happening.
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