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Flash Bracket Under $30

Looking for a flash bracket for the "just-in-case" times, but I don't want to break the bank. The ones I see for under $30 usually have some reviewers complaining the screw or mechanism that allows the arm to flip easily is not great or needs a modification to work OK. I know you get what you pay for, but anyone have a bracket they like which wasn't too expensive?

Thanks - Dave


  • Maybe you could look for the expensive ones used on eBay or used at B & H. Or KEH.
  • Skip - I've been looking there, but I guess I should have asked the question more like "What brands are real dogs?". I see them from Cowboy Studio, Neewer, etc. for under $30.

  • Just for information to anyone: Got a Stroboframe "Quick Flip" Flash Bracket from my wife for Christmas. Since she asked me for ideas, I know she paid less than $25 for it. Seems very sturdy. Unfortunately, when I went to try it out, I discovered a piece of my off-camera flash cord was broken off (maybe jostled in my bag?), and I can't secure it to the shoe clip on the bracket. Oh well, I haven't visited Ebay in a couple of weeks.

    Happy Holidays!
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