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Best Nikon SLR for teenager

Hi: I am trying to help a teenage friend choose a Nikon SLR. I think she only has a P&S now and wants to graduate to an SLR. She has access to Nikon lenses. I asked her price range and she said $100 to $200 so I am looking at the B&H used department. (I am hoping a parent may chip in and the price range will increase. I do not think she's aware of the cost of cameras). 

B&H has a variety of bodies available from $129 and on up. I know they may sell but at the moment they have D40, 50, 60, 80, 90..... D200, D3200 and D3300, D5000 and D5100. My questions here are:

-What older Nikon body might be best for a teenager and beginner? Are a lot of these just too old now? Especially re new computer software and compatibility. 
-Should I try to find an FX body or would the DX be OK for now?
-She doesn't need anything too sophisticated but I hope she can find something she can learn from too, so needs to have manual mode, which I think all of them do. But given her level now it also need auto mode. 

I hope this doesn't sound like I'm looking for quick answers to avoid researching more. Just wondering if anyone has a teen or has any thoughts on what might be best for someone at this stage. Thanks!


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