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MagMod Gels - Has anybody used these?

StephenStephen Member
edited December 2015 in flash & lighting
Neil posted that the MagMod Gels were one of his better purchases in 2015.

Has anybody used these?  Using strong rare-earth magnets to attach gels is a nice idea, but I think the MagMod's size may make it difficult to attach and use Neil's BFT + hairband.


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Yup, the black foamie thing won't be work-able with the MagMod. The rubber attachment that straps around the flash-head is too bulky because of the magnets embedded in it. 
  • Neil,
    Thanks for confirming this.  I often have to use the gel + BFT, so I can't use the MagMod as it stands.

    I will wait to see if the company makes a magnetic flexible black flag that attaches to their MagMod attachment.  
  • TrevTrev Moderator


    You could attach maybe a piece of velcro to the the MagMod and one to an edge on a spare BFT see if that works.
  • Hi Trev,
    I thought about a do-it-yourself solution like you described, but I am still thinking if I want to spend $90 on the Magmod kit.  Even then, I think I would just do something wrong with the velcro and ruin the MagMod.  If I want to experiment, I would prefer the parts to be cheaper.

    I've previously tried the SpinLight 360, which had a plastic attachment that acted like a BFT, but I just found that all the attachments added a noticeable amount of weight, which puts more stress on my D700 hotshoe.  I get the feeling the MagMod would also add a similar amount of weight.

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