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Gels on backdrops

Happy christmas to u all .
My question is does any one know the link to Neils magmod Gels image he had up on fb. , i put a marker for keeps to go back on but cant find it amy where.
The image has a magmod with a full cts on a flash shooting at a backdrop. , im trying to recreat this now , and wanted to read a few things on this subject .
While i am at it i may as well ask , i have the same set up and to make the background go orange like Neil does i have to put my white balance on cloudy for this effect.
Which then confuses me because when i would put my main flash on the subject , presumably i would gell the flash the same. . I am very finicky and need to be spot on with this. , am i thinking right for the same colour spectrum on this, ...?? Many thanks


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