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In short - I struggled to get suitable material for a Black Foamy Thing (BFT). I tried all sorts of felt and foams without any success. I was almost about to give up when my eldest daughter came up with the idea of using a printable mousepad.

It works wonders! I use both the black as well as white sides - and the effect is really amazing and opens up a myriad of creative opportunities. Having written to Neil, he recommended that I share the idea. So here it is.

Photo 01 shows the "normal" mounting.

By playing around with it, I found some very interesting effects when turning the edge downwards as the photograph 02 shows.

Photograph 03 was shot with the black side inwards, edge turned downwards. Flash at approx 30 degrees left and 20 degrees upwards. (Nikon d7100; ISO 200; Mamiya 645 110mm mounted with Novoflex Mamiya 645 to Nikon adapter; f4; 1/60s). 

In case you wonder – she had just completed a 2 hour Krav Maga session – and it’s smeared make-up that gives the tinge to the left eye – no battle damage!!!

For photograph 04 (white side inwards) I turned the edge downwards and bounced it off a large sliding window to the left. Flash at approx 40 degrees left and 60 degrees up. (Nikon d7200. ISO 800. Nikkor 85mm f1.4; f2.5; 1/250s).

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Johannes van Graan



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