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Moody light in room, how to achieve

sasko1sasko1 Member
edited February 2016 in flash & lighting
I need a bit of advice about how to light one room to achieve moody light.

Room is a size of a larger living room and there will be sofas (couches) in the middle, gathered around one table. There are two lights on one side, givig orange glow to the room, but they are not strong enough to light all the room.
There are also two windows from the side, with daylight, which will probbably be dimmed, so that this light wont interfiere with orange light inside from regular bulb. I am afraid that even high iso won't allow me to get nice light in the room.
It will be some kind of session/therapy with people meditating.

I'd like to achieve some kind of moody even light, zen thing or something in that direction. I'd like to get good images in dim light.

Can anyone give me any good advice, how to achieve it?  I only have three speedlights SB900 and umbrellas and softbox.

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