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Annoying fact with Nikon D750

sathlersathler Member
edited March 2016 in Nikon
D750 - Disable the main LCD during ISO change is not possible…. I bought the D750 and I find really annoying the fact that the LCD back screen  lights up whenever you press a button ( either the default or for example the video button when assigned to change ISO and that is my preferred option) every time you want to change the ISO.

Can't believe Nikon does not offer a way to disable this…  You have the camera close your face looking through the viewfinder…then you want to adjust the ISO and BANG the LCD lights up…

Please Nikon fix this maybe with a firmware update?



  • MikeZMikeZ Member
    That sounds annoying!
  • kobusreynekekobusreyneke Member
    edited May 2016
    There's a neat work-around when shooting in A or S modes (not M): In d8 in the Custom Settings Menu, switch Easy ISO to On. 

    EASY ISO ON (d8)
    With d8, Easy ISO switched to On, you can use the wheels to quickly change ISO settings without lighting up the LCD, as follows:

    - In A mode using the rear wheel (the front wheel is used to change aperture)
    - In S mode using the front wheel (the rear wheel is used to change shutter speed)

    By the way, there's another "Easy" setting that many would find helpful. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with the Easy ISO setting, because it uses the same wheels.

    You have two options in b3:

    - On (Auto reset): The compensation setting selected expires when the camera turns off or standby timer expires. This would be helpful when moving from scene to scene and you don’t want to inadvertently keep an exposurecompensation setting.

    - On: The compensation never expires (just like using the Compensation button + wheel). You have to be careful because the compensation will be kept from scene to scene.

    When in A or S mode (only) you don’t have to hold down the Exposure Comp button when changing compensation with the rear wheel.

    - In A mode change Exposure Compensation by using the rear wheel (the front wheel is used to change aperture)
    - In S mode change Exposure Compensation by  using the front wheel (the rear wheel is used to change shutter speed)

    Kobus Reyneke
  • MlkentMlkent Member
    Thanks Kobus, I own the D750 and find the easy ISO feature very helpful, but I did not know its added convenience for night shooting concerning the LCD non- activation.
  • Kobus Reyneke,

    Thank you so much for your help on my question regarding the D750….But Guess What? After keeping the D750 where I bought it brand new I sold it back to the store and ordered a Nikon D500 and boy….IT'S AMAZING!  I went for the DX as I already have 2 other Full frame cameras ( D4 and D700 ) I was fortunate to get the D500 very very early as this Nikon dealer in Australia had one for me. The camera is JUST SO MUCH BETTER  BUILT than the D750 Nikon got it absolutely right with this one! I don't have any DX Lenses so I'm using the nikon full frames FX lenses on it. The 24-70mm 2.8 works really well (for me anyway)  becoming a 36-105mm. And when I use my Nikon 70-200mm with the D500 its just amazing the reach etc…So I am really happy with the D500 more so than the D750. But that's me….

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