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The entire Nik software collection is now available as a free download


Snag it immediately!  There's no reason not to have this range of editing tools on your computer. 


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Absolutely Neil. Already have it but will install full version now just in case there were some updates to the ones I already had.

  • Hi - Free is good, but can you guys tell me what this is, and how it will help, before I stick it on my overtaxed desktop?

    Thanks - Dave
  • StephenStephen Member
    edited March 2016
    It's a set of 7 Photoshop and Lightroom plugins for post-processing your photos. 

    - Noise reduction with Dfine
    - Color saturation/enhancement with Viveza
    - B&W effects/filters with Silver Efex
    - Color effects/filters with Color Efex (also includes a skin softener)
    - Film/Grain effects/filters with Analog Efex
    - HDR stitching and processing with HDR Efex
    - Image sharpening with Sharpener Pro

    Nik Collection falls into same category as Topaz Labs Collection and other multi-purpose post-processing software.

    Besides being very good software, the Nik Collection's notable feature is their "U-point" interface for most software.  Basically, you designate an area to apply an effect and a circle is created from the point you picked.  You can increase the size of the circle to apply the effect to more of the photo.  Or, for a given circle, you can adjust the effect's settings.  You can create multiple circles to apply effects in a targeted manner like Lightroom (but Nik does it better).

    It's arguably very good software for its class.  I'm still using it despite other competitors releasing products.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Stephen nailed it.
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