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Profoto remote question

KowenjrKowenjr Member
edited May 2016 in flash & lighting

I just invested into the profoto system with the b1 and b2 kits. I came across a situation that I'm trying to get my head around and I don't understand the situation enough to even know how to ask a direct question. I have a Canon system.

When the remote is in the hot shoe how does that effect the camera settings? Even with the remote turned off it restricts your ability to set SS and ISO? I shoot in manual when using flash but like to turn off the flash at times for natural light and switch over to AV mode.

If I shut off the remote there are limitations to my settings based on sync speed and ISO.

If I remove the remote alls good my AV settings. If I leave the remote on but turn of the head, with it in HSS mode I can then use my AV mode and get past sync speed settings.

I have found it easier ( because I don't completely understand the situation) to remove the remote when I want to shoot in AV priority to avoid the confusion. I know I'm missing something and should be able to switch back and forth without having to remove the remote.

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