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As an adjunct to the Tangents blog, the intention with this forum is to answer any questions, and allow a diverse discussion of topics related photography. With that, see it as an open invitation to just climb in and start threads and to respond to any threads.


Preface: I'm teaching myself photography and really enjoy doing small projects to learn various aspects.  I'll typically have my camera on a tripod, and shoot a non-moving subject (easy to then compare images to see benefits of certain light positions, modifiers, etc.)

One thing I'd like to do is portrait lighting and thought about picking up a mannequin.  That would let me keep the camera and subject in a fixed location as I have with prior projects.

I have ample space in my basement, but the ceiling is only 7-foot.   I'm wondering if a half-body mannequin or perhaps one seated would be best?  Although, a standing mannequin would allow me to capture head, half-body and full-body.  Virtually all of the mannequins I've seen though are 5'10" or taller, so the ceiling may end up getting in the frame.

Are there any things to consider regarding materials?  e.g. I'm assuming I'd want one with a matte finish as that would be far closer to skin than a gloss finish.

Finally, I would want one without fixed hair.  I plan on getting both a blonde and brunette wig to practice with.

Thanks in advance for any tips you may have.
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