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D800 not sharp

My D700s are getting quirky. The hotshoe on one stopped working. I was going to sell it, with full disclosure. But it started working again. 

So I have begun using the D800 I've had for about a year. Just haven't used it. So now I'm using it. And I have to say it's nowhere near as sharp as the D700s. Very disappointing. Huge difference. I will have to check to see if it's maybe back focusing or front focusing but I'm better off sprucing up the D700s or trying maybe D810 or D750 or even a higher end model if I can afford it. Eager to unload this 800. Anyone else find this? 


  • BrotherBartBrotherBart Member
    edited May 2016
    I have a D800, used a D700 briefly before that.  I would certainly check the front/back focusing.  Compared to the D700 the files look very different if pixel peeking.  It's as if the D800 file looks noisier, however thats pixel peeping.  If you zoom out so the images are comparable there's a lot more detail, sharpness, and dynamic range I see in the D800 images.  I do find in Lightroom applying luminance noise reduction (say 19 to 35) to the D800 files makes great files even greater.  Also if pixel peeping, the D800 will show defects like motion blur more easily because the pixels are more dense.  

    Is it one particular lens?  I had one lens that was brutally off, the rest only needed minor lens corrections.  Can you post images of what you mean?  When I got the D800 I was amazed at the detail & sharpness
  • Thanks BrotherBart. That's interesting, yes, zooming it the 800 photos seem much noisier. So I'm glad you said that. I have to test the front and back focusing and maybe will have to do some AF fine tune adjustments. Since I wrote my post I've looked at a few other photos and while I still would choose my 700 over the 800 re focus, I am not as discouraged as I was before. The photos are not bad, just not what I was used to the the 700s. 

    Thanks for the tip on luminance reduction.

    I have only used the 70-200 so far with this camera so it's that one, and that's what I used mostly with the 700 too. It's a great lens, as you surely know, no complaints, but I know they have to be in sync with the camera too. 

    I will post some pix. Thank you again.
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