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Location Kit Advice

I am looking at buying a location flash kit to move my wedding and portrait photography business forward and am almost certain I will buy into the Profoto OCF eco system.

I can't quite decide if I should go with 2 B1's or 1 B1 and 1 B2 (single head).

The cost is roughly the same and both are excellent units from all the reviews I have read.

My thought process was that I could use the B2 as a key light (either on a stand when working alone) or held by my assistant and the B1 as a backlight. I could also then use just the B2 when no second light is needed. I guess I can't quite decide if a second B1 would be better albeit a bit heavier and less portable.

Be interested to hear the thoughts of those that use both and which ones they use more / prefer.



  • Hi Duncan,

    While you can certainly buy into the Profoto system and that is definitely one route to go. The good news is that it is a wonderful time to be looking for lighting as there are some  alternatives I suggest you look into also. I was in your exact position this year and ultimately I invested in a ton of location lighting.  I decided to go with the Interfit S1's as they have the ability to be plugged in if necessary. A benefit I needed just in case. (*and used twice this year) They share all the same abilities of the profoto but 1/2 the price with the same build quality.  I work a lot on location and was tired of the wires so  they work great and haven't let me down. Also another alternative is the Flashpoint R2 Xplor system. I am going to invest in these shortly as they will work great with my R2 shoe flash systems. One remote to control shoe flashes and monolights. A very good mix and match system. Please don't get me wrong, I am not saying not to get the Profoto system. It is a good system.   I am just saying to look at the alternatives as you may be able to get more for your money and still remain happy. 


    *I covered two schools for a friend and the battery will not last shooting hundreds of kids. But not one misfire:) 

  • Thanks for the suggestion Jay. The interfit's look really good value for money but the 2 limitations for me would be the 7 stop range (not able to go less than 2.0) and only been able to use HSS in manual mode. On a fast moving wedding, TTL and HSS is a must as I need to be able to shoot at f1.2 / f1.4 and don't have time to be messing around with ND filters.

    If I was just doing portrait or fashion work, these would be amazing lights but sadly, don't meet my requirements, at least on paper.

    If you have any experience using these at weddings, I would be interested to hear.

  • Duncan,

    I cannot attest to wedding work as I do mostly commercial work. I also use them mostly in manual mode, even though I do play sometimes with the TTL. I am probably working closer to how the B1 users work. They use the TTL to get them close then lock it in manual mode. Also worth mentioning and not sure if this makes a difference but the Interfit's now work in the full 9 stop range with TTL with the latest firmware update. I am not a HSS shooter most of the time so I also cannot attest the ability of shooting around 1.2 with them and what the challenges are. Honestly I don't even know how the HSS compares to the B1's :) What I can attest to is they are reliable, easy to work with, battery life is good and the build quality is up there. 


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