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Yongnuo 622C Trigger and Canon 580EX (not EX II) Issue

Hi - this is a pretty specific problem, but I'm looking for some help or answers. In the process of messing around with headshot lighting, I came across an issue. My 580EX flash, when connected to a Yongnuo 622 receiver, fires a flash when triggered, but the settings do not change when commanded by the Tx unit. I probably wasted an hour, thinking my meter was screwed up.

When the 580EX is mounted on the camera, the settings cannot be controlled by the external-flash menu in the camera. Could this possibly be the cause of the problem I'm having?

The unfortunate part is this will accept an external battery pack. I have a Yongnuo 580EX II "clone" which will work with the receiver, but does not accept an external pack. This is a potential problem for me if I have to do a job where I want two umbrellas.

Any comments or thoughts are most welcome - Dave


  • I think I figured it out. I connected my smaller 430EX II to the receiver, and everything worked fine. So, I guess if a flash can be fully controlled through the camera, it will be fully controlled through the wireless system. Needs to be a "II" version of the Canon or Yongnuo flashes.

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