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Cropping FX size in post vs DX mode

sasko1sasko1 Member

I have one question that bothers me a bit. Maybe someone could explain it or clarfy for me.

Let's say I shoot with 24mm prime on my FX Nikon.
I take one shot as it is and than I crop image in post to desired size (i am guessing to size as I would shoot with 35mm)
and than I change FX mode to DX mode in camera and take the same shot, so I get an image close to that cropped version of 24mm on FX.

Is there any difference in final image? If we have in mind that cropping won't be just exact, but we exclude this.

Thank you


  • There shouldn't be any differences.  In both cases, you are using the same exact lens (so all the properties of that lens would be observed).  And, in both cases, the field-of-view is being reduced by the same amount.
  • Ok, thank you for information. Was wondering, if there is any difference, since some wedding photographers use this feature to "change" 24mm lens to 35mm. but I guess it is better to use 24 and crop it later, if needed.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    You would only change the "effective focal length" if you were to move and change your position to have the similar composition.

    In terms of resolution, there would be a difference if you compare a 20 megapixel full-frame image (which you then crop), versus a 20 megapixel crop-sensor image. You lose a lot.  But this is where the Nikon D810 and other high-resolution cameras help .. you still end up with a lot of pixels, even if you crop. 
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