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How do you store your soft boxes?

Just finishing up studio construction and looking for some creative ideas on how to store soft boxes. I've got a 6' x 10' (10' ceiling) closet set aside for them. I' remembering seeing something where someone mounted them with the diffuser side to the wall and used bungee cords like a sling that are screwed to the wall. That seemed better than trying to use large J hooks that you use in the garage where the diffuser side would be away from the wall taking up more space. . Any thoughts?
I've got a 4'x6' and 5' octa, plus 3 assorted strip boxes and some smaller beauty dishes.


  • Not sure how helpful my comment is, but when I had a full time operating studio, I had just left them put together and on the floor or on the light themselves and rolled them to the sides. With that said and if I was organized and planning on doing things the right way, I would probably just get little L brackets and put the boxes ( face on)  hanging on the wall. (Just have to un velcro a little bit of the diffuse material on the top to slide the box on the bracket.  As of now, I just tear apart and store in a rolling case. I do a lot of location work and need to roll out fast. 

  • I currently own all Westcott modifiers.  For those that didn't come with their own carry case (e.g. the Apollo line), I picked up two of their travel cases.  I then have a 4-foot wide, 5-shelf wire unit where I then store those bags along with all my other equipment (umbrellas, umbrella adapters, collapsable lightstands, etc.).

    If I'm doing projects at least once a week, I will leave some of them open and typically still mounted on my c-stands.  If less frequent, I will collapse them down and store them.

    It does take some time to store them often, but I find that when everything is stored, I will think more critically about my next project. i.e. I don't feel compelled to use the modifiers already set up; I will think what would match my vision the best.
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