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Transition from Speedlights to Profoto B1 or Profoto B2 flashes

DaubsDaubs Member
edited October 2017 in flash & lighting
Photography is not my full time gig, but my business is growing. Mainly seniors and families, with a few weddings here and there. Recently landed corporate headshot contract (200+), and doing cheer-leading team pictures in a month or so. And gearing up to do more team photos.

My off camera SB-800's with radiopoppers has served me well, but it is time to move up. I need more powerful light(s) to do teams and groups.

Reading reviews on the Phofoto B1's and B2's. I do see that Neil has mounted the B1 and B2 on a monopod handled by an assistant. Love the weight and portability of the B2, and like the idea of a B2's location kit, but I would probably end up getting an additional power pack so could position the lights far apart (~$1,300...ouch!).

Thinking of getting one B1 now, + the remote. Then adding a second B1 in the future.

Is the B1 too heavy and large to have my assistant handle for senior shoots? Could I even put it on a stand and omit the assistant?

Thanks, Doug


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Doug ... the B1 will be too heavy to leave outdoors on a light-stand if you attach an umbrella or softbox to it. 

    For that kind of work, the B2 would be the better choice - it has the heavier part (which is the battery and electronics) separate, and this can be mounted or hung from a strap, lower down on the light-stand. The head of the B2 is also very light-weight .... which would make it easier for an assistant to hold up. 

    That said, I have two B1 flashes, and don't own a B2 ... and I would make the same decision if I had to purchase these again. 
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