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Help with JPeg Photo (in LR?)

Hi - My step-son and his wife were married 10 tears ago in a small ceremony. My wife and I were not involved in the planning, and someone in the bride's family, who was not a "photographer", took photos. We are now upgrading the photos in our living room, and my wife found the attached photo on her computer. It's probably the best photo we have of them, and we want to use it.

It's a JPeg and low resolution. I sucked it into LR last night, and took a crack at making it better. But, beyond my primitive use of noise reduction and sharpening, I'm not an advance user and couldn't seem to do much with the photo.

I would like to know if there are any advance techniques in LR to make this printable and displayable as an 8x10. If anyone is moderately successful, I would also like to know what steps were taken. I do not own or use Photoshop.

Thanks - Dave


  • Hi Dave,

    I am not an advanced photoshop user myself, but I would try ON1 resize. The algorithm they use to blow up images is very good. However, I will add, without sounding condescending, is that its very hard to fix low res images in any software. Just view the image 1-1 in lightroom and stand back a hair and take a look. That will give you a fair shot of what the image will really look like printed. Probably a tad better printed as it hides the grain more. 

  • OK, Jay. Thanks. As I wrote, this is one my wife found recently, and we'd like to print it out and put it on the wall. I didn't know if LR could fix pixelation outside of noise reduction and/or sharpening.
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