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MagMod/Selens or Gary Fong/GF Knockoff?

dbrunodbruno Member
edited October 2017 in flash & lighting
Hi - I have the need to switch somewhat rapidly between bouncing with the BFT, and direct flash with a modifier. I tried doing this last night with a Lumiquest 80/20 (with the white card and diffuser used), and it was too unwieldy. I have seen MagMod and Fong demonstrations on line, and both attach with something that could impact my BFT usage (I move it around quite a bit).

The situation was going from a huge event space with black walls, black industrial ceiling, and many spot and hanging lights of different colors, to two other rooms that I've had success with bouncing. My idea is to have both on the flash, and when the modifier goes on, the BFT gets peeled back, and vice-versa.

With black walls and ceiling, I'm not sure if a Gary Fong would do the trick. I am under the impression it send light out omni-directionally, bouncing off anything it can bounce off. If I'm incorrect let me know.

I would probably need this no more than a couple of times a year, so I'm not looking drop a huge amount of money. If anyone else has a suggestion, I would love to hear it.

Thanks - Dave


  • Have you looked into the spinlight 360? It has multiple flash modifiers and still has the BFT (well really a "BPT", a black plastic thingy). Maybe that will fit your needs. 

  • TrevTrev Moderator

    Totally agree, I've got one, and so easy to just swivel the 'BPT' within the main head, there are also different lengths to choose from, as well as the white ones. (Those are still in my 'odds & ends' box - never used).

    Pro Extreme: ($119.95)


    or the 'light' version: ($69.95)


    Neil recommends these also, even has his name on their website. :)

  • Thanks, Guys! I'll check them out. As I wrote, I'll probably need this a couple of times a year, if that.

    I have a Rogue Flashbender that I will also experiment with. White side and black side.

    The biggest thing is how awful things look with direct flash, even through a modifier. You guys know this. But, as in the situation the other night, there is simply no avoiding it.

    I will have some time this week to experiment with a couple of my "models" (plastic heads): Lumiquest (hard to switch), Fotodiox 8-inch softbox (easier to switch), Lastolite "Joe McNally softbox (kinda big for on-camera), Rogue Flashbender, and white "catch-light" card on the Speedlight. All compared to direct, no modifier flash, and bounce flash. Ambient 1-stop under with flash, ambient 3-stops under (all flash basically), ambient correctly exposed (flash is fill).

    I know the engineer in me is coming out, taking data, but I really want to get this right (for my tastes).

  • I just checked out the Spinlight links.

    One thing I don't get: why would I want a "clear" dome as opposed to a "white" dome? I can imagine light power is decreased, but wouldn't the clear dome produce harsh light?

    I think I can also co "a-la-carte", maybe picking up two domes, and a 6-inch black and white cards.
  • TrevTrev Moderator

    I presume the clear is to throw out more light as opposed to a white one.

    Horses for courses mate, some would use, others not like me.

    Oh, here's a tip for you.

    If you get a Spinlight and want to spin the flag (plastic reflector/thingy) around, don't hold the head of the main part and try to spin, it will be hard to do because you are slightly squeezing the head making it harder to turn, just use the one hand to turn it to suit the direction, it spins easily.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    The idea with a clear dome is based on the idea of an omnidirectional light source inside. Some light is obviously thrown forward, but the rest of the light bounces around the room from every side. 

    I have tried it when I still used the Q-flash, but didn't like the look. 
  • Thanks, Neil. I used the Lumiquest gadget (see above) for part of the evening, but switching it in and out was a pain. The results were not bad, not good. Still looking for something else.

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