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Best LR Settings for Print

Forgive me if I asked the same sort of question a couple of years ago: I worked a Customer-Appreciation Day for a real-estate agent, and the main part of the job was taking photos of clients/families as the checked in. What he does with the photos is print them at a CVS, Walgreen, etc., frame them, and hand-deliver them. Nice gesture!

I understand resolution, but I do not understand the choices LR gives you for output: resize on long edge, don't enlarge, size for pixels or physical measurements, etc.

When I output for screen resolution (and please don't lambaste me), I use 150 ppi, resize on long edge 1800 ppi (12 inches X 150 ppi, 8 in X 12 in being the native size), "don't enlarge" is left unchecked. It may not be "correct", but no one has ever complained.

For print, I use 300 ppi. BUT, what about all the other settings? I've tried a few different ways, and nothing visually obvious changes, but the JPEG file sizes do.

If the guy is delivering 8x10's, I will leave him plenty of room on the long edge for the little "8x10 crop box" that you get if you go to a drug store self-service kiosk.

But I really don't get all the other settings, and I have yet to find a good (or any) tutorial on what all these settings do for you. If you size for 8x10 in the LR export box, it looks no different than any other option, but the file size changes.

Thanks - Dave


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