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Bare Bulb vs. Speedlight

I'm in the process of changing my flash system to Flashpoint. Requests for head shots have ticked up a teeny bit. I want to upgrade my "Main Light" and modifier. Currently I use a Speedlight with a 24x24 inch softbox.

I have ZERO experience with bare-bulb lights. Am I correct in thinking a bare bulb would fill out a larger modifier (i.e. 36+ inch softbox) than a Speedlight, and *maybe* produce softer lighting? Correct or not, besides my thinking, what else comes with using bare bulb?

Also, if anyone uses a Flashpint Streaklight 360, I would like to know how you like it.

Thanks - Dave


  • Hi Dave,

    Take a look at the super versatile Flashpoint Evolve systems. You get lithium battery without cords. Almost as powerful as a studio strobe. Can be used as bare bulb or regular flash. Everything is there. Then you can try bare bulb vs regular to see what works best for you. I've used both, and could not tell too much. But that was just me. The added plus is they integrate with the whole R2 system and easily portable. check em out. 

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Bare bulb ... as in the bulb is bare, i.e. direct?
    Or do you mean the bare bulb in a softbox?  (For then it isn't bare bulb anymore.)

    Anyway, what you need is a stronger light source than a speedlight, and a larger light source than a 24x24 inch softbox.
  • Neil. I meant in a modifier  

    Jay  how does the power of the evolve compare to a speed light? I thought I saw x3?  Do you have any experience with the Streaklight or know anyone who has one?
  • Heres a comparison of all the Godox (Adorama) lights. I have the Evolve 200. It has about 3x the power of my Nikon 910. 

  • Hi Dave,

    As great as the Streaklight is, I prefer lights that do not require a dangling battery pack. The lithium batteries (built in) are the best. However, the streaklight is more powerful. 360 ws. vs the Evolve (I believe 200 ws) and is better priced now. The streaklight will require a "dongle" that plugs in to connect to the R2 radio triggers and the Evolve has it built in. Its just a matter of preference and budget. Personally the Evolve is the way to go in my opinion. It just tic's all the boxes of versatility and convenience. Either way you can't go wrong. 

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