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Profoto B1X functions

Morning all,
Drizzly and cold here in the UK.
I have used my canon 600's with the ST transmitter successfully by having two speedlights on manual tucked away (motorsport) and the third remotely using TTL.

I recently bought the B1X location kit and still learning/getting familar but having trouble understanding whether I can do something similar i.e Key light TTL and rim light set to manual. ( I am a novice but love my photography and do know that I can meter first off in TTL, switch to manual and then adjust power accordingly when needed)

I am struggling with that as if I were shooting moving subjects would prefer TTL up front and have the second unit on manual to maintain the "look/power" for background work.

Am I being stupid?

or is it impossible to arrange like that?

Thanks and have a cool day


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Hi there Chris 

    With the B1 you can only set all the flashes to TLL, or all of them to manual. You can't set the different flashes to be slaved as a combination of TTL and manual (a la Nikon, and the Canon 600EX)
  • Thanks Master
    and for time afforded.


  • Actually the answer is yes.

    Profoto TTL is only on channels A to C, if you put your remotes on D to F they will be in manual mode (and will trigger from a Profoto TTL trigger, C, N, S, F or A1) but in manual mode, even if you cannot see those groups on the head, the signal still goes out.

    So per exampla: A TTL, remotes, D and E, can be manual.

    Sorry Neil vN.
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  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    James ... true, there is that work-around. 
    You can't control D, E and F from the trigger, but you can fire them ... and hence their output won't change even if the trigger is in TTL mode. 
  • James_RuddJames_Rudd Member
    edited March 2018
    Bit of an update, using Profoto TTL controllers, whilst they only have A B C channels, they can trigger D E F channels.

    Also if you don't highlight A, B or C when adjusting the power, the unit goes into master mode, this will then adjust all channels including D E F, you just can't see what it is doing it.

    So you can adjust D E F, remotely using a TTL  controller, you would then have to adjust back A B and C

    This only of course works in manual mode on the unit.
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