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Profoto B1X functions

Morning all,
Drizzly and cold here in the UK.
I have used my canon 600's with the ST transmitter successfully by having two speedlights on manual tucked away (motorsport) and the third remotely using TTL.

I recently bought the B1X location kit and still learning/getting familar but having trouble understanding whether I can do something similar i.e Key light TTL and rim light set to manual. ( I am a novice but love my photography and do know that I can meter first off in TTL, switch to manual and then adjust power accordingly when needed)

I am struggling with that as if I were shooting moving subjects would prefer TTL up front and have the second unit on manual to maintain the "look/power" for background work.

Am I being stupid?

or is it impossible to arrange like that?

Thanks and have a cool day


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