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Use for a Privacy Screen

My daughter left behind a "privacy screen", which is probably 6 feet tall, maybe 4 feet wide, hinges in the middle. I was thinking I could cover it with a white material which would be suitable for a stand-up reflector. Anyone know what I should be looking for in a material and, better yet, do you know what I should use and where I can get a roll?

If you need to look at it, I'll post a photo.



  • On the surface it may seem like a genuinely good idea, I would have to disagree I think.  Those walls seem cumbersome and heavy as a whole. By the time you get find a solution to cover the walls it probably would cost the same to just buy some lighter reflectors? However, if you are keeping in place and not transporting it anywhere, maybe just some white paint will do the trick? Worth a try if you decide to go that route. 

  • Thanks Jay. It would just stay at home. I'll have to post a photo. It is wooden, with a pattern of 2 in by 4 in rectangles, open, with what looks like heavy tissue paper on the back. That's why I asked is there was white material, something used in bounce reflectors, that could be purchased on a roll, and I would just stretch it over the screen and fasten. It would then be in the form of a 6 foot tall by 4 foot wide V-reflector, you know?

  • Ok Dave. I see. I think I was thinking about those privacy cubicle wall things:) Anyhow, take a look at white rip stop nylon. Super cheap and great for shoot through and reflector materials, You can get at fabric stores or Amazon etc..I think that may do the trick for you. 

  • Thanks, Jay. That's what I was looking for - what to search for in Google, etc.

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