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Canon Service Experience

Hi - anyone have any experience sending their Canon camera to New York (or other center) for routine service? I live outside of Boston, so I guess it would go to NY/NJ.

I have owned my 6D for almost 2-1/2 years, and it probably has 70+ events on it. I am going on weeks vacation February 10th, and have a job on February 22nd. This might be the time to have routine service performed. Plus, I thin my hot shoe is a little loose.

I am really nervous about this - sending it, getting it back on time, etc. There is a camera store two towns over (Hunt Photo and Video) who will clean the sensor, and *maybe* upgrade the firmware, but I don't think they will inspect the shutter and the other things that Canon will do. Also, to tighten the hot shoe, I think they would send it out.

Looking for some advice. Is just cleaning the sensor sufficient?

Thanks - Dave


  • TrevTrev Moderator
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    You need to be sure you will get a fully comprehensive check, Sensor, Shutter, Mirror and a myriad of other things.

    I own Nikon and I send my stuff to a dedicated Authorised Nikon Repairer, and they do a 30-point check on my bodies.

    Also, I time it during the first part of the year when they have 'deals' and also send a lens for a full free check, focus, zoom, diaphragm, contacts, etc., etc.

    This is what I get for $245, yeah a bit up there but, they do a bloody great job, been going to them for years, *always* reliable and on time. I can send my stuff down on a Friday, and get it back the following Friday (1000kms away).


    So if you can get something comparable you should be right. Generally I send stuff down 18 months to 2 years, depends on work load, and more importantly, the conditions I've shot under.

    Had some shoots where really dusty, etc., sent bodies down in a 12 month time frame, luckily because of the pro seals, nothing had got inside, and since I don't take my lenses off, they stay pretty good also, but I need to be sure.

    They give a fully comprehensive test results report, along with a print out of a shot showing your sensor results., etc. Saved my bacon on a couple of occasions prior to getting some minor things adjusted/fixed before they became major items.

    I also sent my Canons to them which I had used for 30 years until I converted to Nikon.

    So if you can find an authorised dealer for Canon, and surely someone in here will know one in your neck of the woods, you should be right.


  • Thanks, Trev. I called Canon, and there are only 3 authorized service centers in the US.

    It hasn't been real busy for me in January, and I don't have any leads on jobs before I go away, so I might be able to get it there early enough where it will definitely come back by the job on the 22nd.

  • Send it in to Canon or the store Trev recommends. Are you nervous about the time and getting it back in time or about letting it out of your hands for so long and will it be OK? If it's the latter, don't worry, it will be in good hands. Just pack it well. If you are concerned about the turn-around time you might want to rent a spare body to have on hand for your event or if another gig comes along when your camera is away. Lens Pro To Go in Concord, Mass. is very good, I'd highly recommend. Also, since you are now going into business you really need to have two bodies, minimum. You can't risk a camera failure with your only body and having no back-up. If you do have more, then never mind. Sounds like you only have one? Check out the used cameras on B&H website. They will stand by the gear they sell. Or, if your budget allows, get a new camera at B&H. FWIW, Hunt's is supposed to be very good. I have never used them but I know they have a great reputation. 
  • TrevTrev Moderator
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    Thanks for my store recommendation you mentioned for Dave, but that's in Australia, I reckon he will have a bloody long wait getting it there and back. :'(

  • Oh ok! Thanks for clarification Trev. :-)
  • Hi, Skip - I do have a backup camera that I used when I first got going. It's a crop sensor, older Canon 600D, bust still performs well. Having said that, I would rather have my primary on hand. I am planning to give it to the Post Office Tuesday night. I've spoken with Canon, and the turnaround time won't be so bad, and pretty sure I'll have it back in time.
  • TrevTrev Moderator


    So you've chosen an authorised Canon service dealer, do you know what they are going to check and give an fixed (normal service without actual repair) price and details of such service?

    Checking Lens also?


  • Trev - Not sending any lenses in case I need them in the interim. This is what they will do for $129 US:


    Also, I have to have my hot shoe tightened, which is an additional cost.

  • TrevTrev Moderator


    Thanks, looks fine and for $129US is a good price generally.


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I only send my gear in when it breaks or needs calibration. 
  • Everything worked out well as far as the camera being available. They have an incredibly quick turnaround, and I am on my way to FedEx to pick it up today. They assured me (when I called from vacation) they tightened the hot shoe, and there was no additional charge as "hot shoe functionality" is part of the 18-point check. Keeping my fingers crossed. I've got three jobs this week, so just in time.

  • Just picked up the camera and everything is great! Got over the hurdle of packing up and sending off my camera. Being out of the country, and mostly out of touch, didn't help my nervousness while Canon had my camera.
  • TrevTrev Moderator


    Glad you had a good experience with them.


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