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What is this?

SkipperlangeSkipperlange Member
edited February 2018 in flash & lighting

Well, It must be a slave flash since that's what it says. But I'm wondering if it's still compatible with any gear today, if it would still be useful to anyone. I don't know any more about it other than what you see. It was my late father's. It was in a closet. I don't know if he ever used it. He used Nikon cameras, if that matters. I have looked it up on the 'net, including eBay. But so far haven't found it anywhere. Thanks. 

Skip: I placed the images inside the post for easier viewing. ~ Trev.

Thanks Trev!

02.jpg 369.6K
03.jpg 333.8K
04.jpg 424.9K
05.jpg 347.8K
06.jpg 297.6K


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