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Godox AD200 / Pixapro Pika200 Opinions

I've been thinking of getting myself one (maybe 2) of these, which are branded as Pixapro Pika200 in the UK. They seem to be gaining a lot of popularity for location shooting. Being slightly larger then a speedlite but having approximately 3x the power, useful when you need that extra bit of punch from a flash.

Not as flexible as a speedlite though as its not shoe mountable so can't bounce on camera.

If anyone has experience using them I'd be interested to hear what you think of them. I have the opportunity to pick them up at discounted price at the photography show  here in the UK in a few weeks.



  • Tony -

    I've got the Flashpoint version, and I really do like it, even though it has seen limited use because I'm not a portrait photographer (just headshots). It has a bare bulb, and a Fresnel (Speedlite) head, and you can get it in a kit. Mine came with a barn door/grid combo, some gels, Li-ON battery and charger. I picked up a reflector for the bare bulb thinking I might use it with an umbrella. It's really not made for on-camera use, but I have seen a photo of one guy trying to do so. It was hokey.

  • TonyTTonyT Member
    Hi Dave, thanks for your feedback. 
    I see that the kits vary slightly between the brand versions. 
    Many people are replacing their AD360's with these even though slightly less powerful. 

    The dual bracket mount mount looks very interesting also there's an LED head available now. So on the whole seems quite versatile. 

    I'll get to have a play with one at next weeks show. 
  • Tony - I would be interested in hearing about the LED head, which is only on the dual bracket, and is advertised as a modeling light. Enjoy all the playing.

  • TonyTTonyT Member


    I bought the Pika/AD200 at the weekend, I also got the dual smart bracket (think its called AD-B2 your side of the water) with a view to getting another Pika 200 in a few months. It does have 2 LED modelling lights which aren't really that good for the job.

    Apparently its good used with the reflector and a sock for table top product photography.

    There is an LED head for the Pika/AD 200, I didn't get it at the time but in hindsight wish I had as it would of only cost me £20. I will probably order it at some point in the near future.

    I haven't had chance to try it, as they mistakenly gave me the speedlite receiver instead of the ST-III trigger I asked for (same as the X1) didn't realise until I got home, they're going to swap it out.


  • Tony - I think you will like the AD200, and I am interested in hearing if you get a chance to use the LED head. It's too bad the modelling light isn't so good.

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