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What is 4K Resolution ... in Photography?

dbrunodbruno Member
edited March 2018 in post-processing
I was hired by a video-production company to photograph an office opening/ribbon cutting for one of their clients. The person who hired me for this (the owner of the video company) has mentioned a couple times that he wants "4K resolution". I still don't know what he wants.

The office manager contacted me a few days after the event, and asked when the photos would be ready, so they could be posted on social-media sites, and shared among the attendees. She probably should have contacted the video company. But, knowing how the photos would be used, I delivered with a resolution and file size which was appropriate (or at least what I always deliver).

So I read a bit about 4K photos, and I still really don't get it. What I do kind of understand is if any photo is cropped in any way, you can't process it as 16:9 unless you really know how to do it, or you simply luck out (Am I way off?).

Speaking of cropping, in a recent similar situation, I attempted to put pictures on a profile for a new on-line referral service. Any photo that was not exactly 3:2 was not accepted. I gave up after many attempts and realized nothing that I had which was cropped could be put on the profile.

So what is 4K in photography?

Thanks - Dave


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