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Exposure compensation setting grey out all other setting after the shot taken unless reset to "0"

Hi Experts,
I have an issue and wanted to know whether this is normal and no issues with my canon MARK iii.  The issue is,  I use the manual mode and EC ( exposure compensation ) moved to +1 or any value other than the 0, and took the picture. What happen was after the shot was taken, i noticed the EC marker and AE lock (*) was blinking, and I could not change anything ( shutter speed/ISO/ aperture ect)  unless I move the EC back to 0 position. Is this a problem or it is the way the camera behaves?.  Can someone explain or help me understanding the matter.


  • Hi IamSujan,

    I pulled out my Mark III to see whats going on for you. I cannot replicate what is happening to you so I assume there is more going on. I am sure its a setting (dial)  or menu anomaly. First I need to know why you have exposure comp on in manual mode? and when you mean exposure comp (just verifying) you mean you hit the little button on top with the iso/+/- button correct? It will have a little black +/- square in the top lcd showing its active. Just let me know and I will try and help. 
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    You can't use Exposure Compensation on the Canon cameras when shooting in Manual Exposure mode ... which is probably why it is greyed out?
  • Sounds like you're in flash exposure bracketing mod
  •  Sry my  correction from the above comment.  Sound's like you were in auto exposure bracketing and single shot.
  • In AEB, if you're in single shot mode, after you fire the shutter the camera would react like that because you're in a bracketing mode, so unless you fire the shutter twice again you wouldn't be able to make any changes.  If your camera was set to high speed continuos you would have racket up three shot's that was needed to complete the bracketing mode you were into.  Try it out and see if it replicate the same issue you were experiencing.  Hope I was was of some help. Good luck !!
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