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Getting into flash photography, questions on gear and technique

Hello everyone, 

I'm a new photographer and trying to learn the use of flash in photography. I stumbled across this website and I really love the idea of using flash to fill. I feel like from what I've seen so far, the majority fall in either natural light only or strong use of flash. I like the idea given here where it is only used to fill. My first question is, are there any recommendations for a good speedlight that I can practice with which doesn't break the bank but can still be built upon in the future? I am using the sony a6500 mirrorless by the way, if that information helps. I've seen some recommendations for the Godox series (tt350). Any thoughts?

What do you think is the minimum kit to start off with? Speedlight and reflector? I would need a matching transmitter if I want to use it off camera right?

What technique do you use often when it comes to outdoors shooting without any walls to bounce off from? How feasible is it to bounce the flash on the reflector? What are the uses of my in-built flash? Finally if I have to shoot directly, would having the flash output/compensation set at lowest help? 

I appreciate any help!


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