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Tell Me About Converting to DNG, Please

Hi - I am so thrilled that I was able to get a great deal on a brand new, USA Model Canon 5D MK IV. My 6D is great, and is STILL great, but I was ready for this upgrade, especially the auto-focus system.

I am NOT so thrilled that my stand-alone version of LR will not work with this camera. This was something I never anticipated.

I really do not want the subscription service, at least not right now. So, after many questions asked on different forums, I have put an extra step in my workflow - converting the .CR2 files to .DNG. But no one has been able to tell me the pros and cons of going to .DNG format. Adobe has a couple of videos out there, but they are the ones pushing it, correct? So that makes me skeptical that it is the other-wordly creation they say it is.

Look, as a part-timer, this may have no effect on me. But can anyone tell me some obvious downsides that I'm missing that could spell trouble for me, please?

Thanks - Dave

PS - Someone please offer some advice on my last post. No way I was asking on FB forums. Where is everybody these days?


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited April 2019

    You should have no trouble using DNG files, definitively I cannot guarantee you any downside, the upside is DNG can be read easily by LR, so I think you are good to go.

    Now, as to why your LR won't read the files, is because you need a new version of Adobe Camera Raw, (ACR) that's just not for Photoshop, but the same engine is used in LR.

    You can download it manually, install, and it should work for your LR version, I don't know how it will go if Photoshop not loaded, but during install, it may ask for which program since you don't have Photoshop, just choose LR and see if it works mate.

    I still have LR v4.4 and I can open the latest Nikon files after upgrading ACR, although I do use Photoshop and Nikon's NX-D software now for my Nikon's NEF files, a hell of a lot better then Adobe's interpretation of RAW files, it retains ALL of my settings and I get a preview of precisely what I saw on back of LCD.

    Adobe Camera Raw download HERE


  • Thanks, Trev. Nice to hear from you. I did practiced with the added step of the CR2-DNG conversion, and I think I've got it. But when I have some time, will try what you have detailed for me.

    I have PS Elements19, and the files CAN be read into it, as I am guessing the ACR version is the latest. But, I couldn't figure out the format to save the files in for LR to read.

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