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HSS with Godox 360II and X1

I'm new to this forum and also to the Godox 360II / X1 controller -which I am pairing with Canon 7DII.
This is my first rig with the potential for HSS and Strobo mode.
But the Godox manual is not much help achieving these settings correctly, esp with the X1 adding complexity to the mix.
I'm hoping to freeze frame fast moving subjects in bright sunlight, while maintaining a relatively low ISO.
I have shot w natural light at 4000th+ and F8, but that forces the ISO to 1800 & up -adding softness/grain.
I have found no tutorials that explain these settings in detail, and I'm just not succeeding with the manual.
The X1 makes setup even more complex.
I was lead to understand that HSS is achieved my having the flash fire multiple rapid pops before the second shutter closes.
So if I'm aiming for 3000/4000 at F8 and low ISO, this unit will probably be firing at low power. But I'm not at square one with the settings.

I would also like to use strobo mode to capture multiple poses in the same frame of athletes/gymnasts etc., which seems like I will want similar settings.
These appear to be popular units, so I'm surprised that I haven't found better tutorials. Maybe I need better keywords.

This forum seems like the place to find answers to complex questions, thanks!

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