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Magnetic barn door as BFT alternative?

Does anyone have experience using any of the newer magnetic barn door solutions, like Magmod or Godox, as a flagging alternative to a BFT?  I'm wondering whether or not they would produce similar results. A benefit would be to work more seamlessly with CTO gels in high stress situations. Under tight constraints, the BFT can be a bit unwieldy. (Also aware of the Spinlight 360 - a bit bulky for me.) Thanks!


  • Hi - I use the BFT all the time, and I am curious to know why the BFT is "unwieldy" to you. In my case, it took a bit to get the right kind of elastic material to hold it on, but loose enough to move it around depending on how I am lighting someone/something. I feel like the barn doors are going to require some effort.

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