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Sony A7iii with flash has a noticeable delay (~1/2 sec)

rtcaryrtcary Member
edited September 2019 in flash & lighting
My hope is that someone on this forum may be using one of the Sony A7ii or A7iii with flash at events where catching the action is critical e.g. catching the bouquet. With my Nikon D810 and SB-910, the TTL delay is almost imperceptible however with the Sony A7's and A6500 there is a noticeable delay. I've checked all the settings to no avail.

And I've seen posts on other forums with similar observations but no definitive explanation. Is this a characteristic of the Sony camera? Is there a workaround? Am I doing something incorrectly?

Thank you for any input...



  • I have a Sony a7iii with flashpoint flash. Could you let me know what flash are you using? I shot Canon previously, but now shoot Sony and Fuji snd have no noticeable delays, except when it’s in sleep mode. Things to check. Check your shutter settings? What do you have it set to? Let me know and we will get ya all set:) 

  • Thank you for the reply. I'm using an A6500 with a Flashpoint Zoom Li-on. My usual settings for events is 1/60" @ f/5.6, ISO 1600, Red-eye off. The focus mode is Movable Spot-M, the Metering Mode is Multi with Fill-Flash selected.

    I have noticed some reduction in the delay if I use the Wide setting for the Focus Mode.

    Possibly what I call a delay is because I'm using the Nilon D810/SB-910 as the comparison, yet it is enough to cause "misses" for capturing that moment when the speaker is looking up or smiling.

  • Sorry what I mean is what are your in camera menu settings? Electronic curtain, mechanical shutter only etc? 
  • I have the e-Front Curtain ON and Fill Flash. The flash is set to TTL. Of course there are many settings with the Sony cameras, so many, I store the off onto my desktop - wish there was a way to have them printed out.

    I do use Back Button Focus (BBF) so the camera is in Continuous AF. Any other settings significant?


  • I overlooked the obvious test: use the built-in flash - something I have hardly ever used. As close to no delay as one can expect - like the D810/SB-910.

    So, my Godox V860iiS must be the cause of the 250-500 msec delay.

  • Don’t use e curtain. Use the mechanical shutter and your problem will go away. I avoid electronic shutter unless i need absolute silence, but is never the case. Give the mechanical shutter a try! 
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I have noticed the same delay with the Sony A7iii and Sony A9 and Nikon Z6 ... I suspect it is just inherent in the mirrorless system. 

    With the Z6, it is as if the image in the viewfinder also momentarily freezes as I take the shot, and it becomes difficult to time my shots in the same way as with a DSLR.
  • Neil -

    Thank you for putting my mind at ease: it is part of how Sony processes the TTL pre-flash or some part of the exposure cycle.

    Here is one I cannot explain: when in the Wide mode for focus, the TTL delay is close to my D810/SB-910 combo. Something about all of those phase detection auto focus points being available.

    Thanks again...


    P.S. Loved your SF seminar years ago.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I will have to play with the AF point selection then, and see how this affects the delay with flash.
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