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Graslon Flash Diffuser

digibobdigibob Member
edited August 2011 in flash & lighting
Just purchased a Graslon Insight Dome diffuser, model 4300D. I photograph events that are always dark and using TTL is hit and miss, so I use the AA setting on my SB-800 with my D3 Nikon camera. I am getting very inconsistent results. The exposures are very inconsistent on the AA settings from too dark to overexposed. I have to boost the output of the flash to at least 1.5 and higher, but if I change my distance to my subject, the exposure will be incorrect. I do not have time to constantly change the AA setting and guessing which setting will give me the correct exposure.
I contacted the company and they could offer no help, so I guess I will return it. Has anyone used this device with good results?


  • Hi
    1st make sure your Graslon Insight Dome diffuser is not blocking the IR Transmitter.
    Personally I stopped using Diffuser like that a Long Time ago , all I find is that they do is cut down Flash power with out really softening the light.
    Im surprised your getting hit and miss with your TTL, My D3s gives me consistent expose.
    What mode is your Camera in ? If you in Aperture Priority Mode then that could be a problem.
    Do you have an external battery Pack, with out it it can take 2-3 sec for flash to fully recharge.
    What aperture is your lens. If your Lens is a Variable aperture 3.5-5.6 your aperture is getting smaller and larger as you zoom back and forth.

  • I am using manual settings and my lenses do not vary in aperture. Often cannot use TTL because of very low light situations and need to use focus assist light. The IR transmitter is working. I would like to not use diffusers, but I almost have to shoot in a very dark red paneled room with a dark ceiling that is usually very tall. I did not have much success with the black foamie thing, but maybe I just did not use it properly.
  • How low is the light?

    Is it like this (street lamp only at night)?

    Or even darker?

    I shot this object in nearly no ambient light in TTL mode, having to rely on the SB-900 AF-assist (not the camera's AF-assist) to acquire focus.

    Sometimes, you really do not have any bounce surface for your flash, and the BFT will not help. Neil has a blog entry on the topic:
  • digibobdigibob Member
    edited July 2011
    The light is so low that I would have to set my ISO at 3200, 1/30 sec shutter speed, f 2.8 aperture. In addition this particular venue has installed overhead bulb lights that are orange in color and cannot be white balanced, custom or auto. If I expose for the room and use my flash for fill only, the background and often the color of their hair is orange! I have had the most success using the Gary Fong device because the white top creates a bounce flash for me and I set the flash to at least +1. Background is still warm and orange, but flesh tones look good if I set white balance at 4750.
    Thanks for the good info. Just ordered an LED light and I am looking forward to trying it as my main light or placing it in a corner of the room as an additional light source. Attached is one of the photos from this venue. I set up an additional flash in the corner, but had to be careful that my subjects were not standing directly in front of strobe in the corner. Dark ceilings were only 10-11 ft in height. I used the Gary Fong Whale Tail as my diffuser.
  • Hmm, I cannot speak for the D3, but I use a D700 and SB-900 and I don't get extremely inconsistent exposures.

    Can you move people so they do not stand under the overhead bulbs? In your photo, th man on the right does not look like he is under a bulb.
  • Thanks for the great info. I will definitely gel my flash at this particular location on my next visit. I can move people some of the time, but I was asked to shoot candids as they networked and not interfere with their networking. Thanks everyone for the comments!
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