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Confession: the BFT works for casual images too

rtcaryrtcary Member
edited August 2011 in flash & lighting
I am not a professional photographer; instead I take pictures for our local community organizations that appear in various local publications. For approximately 3 years I have been carrying a BFT (since I took one of Neil's workshops), but never used it - thought it looked a "little strange". Yesterday, I was taking pictures for my Rotary club's first meeting with our new president (we ham it up). After I took the first image my usual way (i.e. D700, SB-800 bounced off the ceiling with card halfway out) - http://www.aristesoftware.com/email_images/DSC_8136.jpg - I finally got the courage and put the BFT on only to find that it does work - does improve the lighting - even for casual images: http://www.aristesoftware.com/email_images/DSC_8156.jpg and http://www.aristesoftware.com/email_images/DSC_8164.jpg



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