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Lighting on a laptop

dgvdgv Member
edited July 2011 in post-processing
Photography is a passionate hobby of mine and that often nominates me to be the photographer for family events. I recently photographed my cousin at NYC (trash the dress). Since i did not have any assistants, carrying OCF was not an option. During post processing, i found a plugin from within the NIK color effect suite that can help convey the feel that OCF was used. It is probably the easiest way to do 'lighting on a laptop'. The plugin I am referring to is the 'Darken/Lighen center' plugin. You can pick the spot where you want to focus the light and darken the borders. adjusting the intensity of the light is also possible. Give it a shot. You will be surprised.


  • You will be missing the catchlights from the off-camera flash. Of course, you can photoshop that in as well, but it probably won't look the same.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited July 2011

    Nik plug-in filters are really a superb product, and after I've finished normal processing, I do use some of them on select images, and I particularly like the 'Darken-Lighten Center' filter, it's extremely versatile and instantly you can alter the mood of an image without having to lasso areas of an image or feather and multiply.

    Also, you can reverse the effect, having really light edges, and just a tad darkening on focus point. Lots of other filters in there that give images an 'edge'.

    I have had them for a long time, including upgrading to Silver Efex Pro 2, a great plug-in for BWs if I want a certain style of BW, and the beauty is creating your own presets for it. I have over a dozen ranging from 'Gritty' for males, and 'soft flowing' for female, as well as extremely gritty prior to me using a color filter/s over it, which converting to BW first gives a great effect.

    Sample attached whereby I BW'd, dropped opacity to 90%, then couple color filters varying opacity. This bride loved 'darkish gritty' images, and her whole 40 page album I produced for her was 85% of the 'effects' images I created for them. This is her favourite shot and features across 2 pages.


    PS: This image and a lot of others on that day certainly relied on the cloud formation we had to work with, great for BWs, filter effects. Yep, I also darkened the edges with Nik D-L Center filter. :)
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