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Better Beamer ?

macmatosmacmatos Member
edited September 2011 in flash & lighting
First post but long time Neil fan.
I'm just wondering if the flash extender Better Beamer ( used for birds photos and stuff) could help when boucing from high ceilings.
I'm thinking about trying one and the BFT together in some way.
I'm I too crazy?
Have anyone tryed that?
Any income will be appreciated.


  • I dont think it would help you with high ceilings. The beamer might help a little more of your light to get to the ceiling, but then the light will need to travel back all the way. I doubt if it will help in anyway. Having said that, i have never used the beamer and so this is just my guess.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I don't have a better beamer ... but this recent article shows how I dealt with a high (and difficult) ceiling, and still get light onto my subject.
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