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online workshops

vaenkavaenka Member
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Hi Neil, have read your books and after following your tips on your blog, your workshops would be the next thing for me but international travel might not happen for me. Any chance you might be holding a webinar/ recording one of your workshops for online sale.



  • StephenStephen Member
    edited October 2011
    In April, Neil was invited by a photogroup, Clickin Moms, to do a webinar on on-camera flash. They recorded the webinar and you can purchase the 112-minute video. However, I don't know if international users can buy the video. http://www.clickinmoms.com/store/home.php?cat=255

    Neil presented at a second webinar to continue the topic further, but it's not downloadable yet.

    I'm not sure if these videos are what your looking for.

  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    vaenka ... that's the next obvious step for me ... to do online workshops with video clips.
    I'm busy with my web designer guy to figure out how to set this up. So watch this space :)
  • Thanks Neil, will keep a look out for this.
  • Hey Neil, if you are thinking of doing online workshops (which I'm already excited about), maybe you can check out Christa Meola's online boudoir workshop site for ideas. I think her workshop model makes for convenient learning for people who might have the problem of distance attending workshops. Here is a link to her site:


    BTW, I think it's about time you taught a 3 day flash photography class at creativeLIVE. You are more than qualified. You should be talking to them about that, if they haven't been talking to you. IMHO.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I did sign up for Christa Meola's boudoir workshop that took place a few months ago.
    The way that it is structured in terms of the website's hierarchy was good. There is a specific progression through the material which is logically underpinned by the way the website was designed. (By the looks of it, based on a Wordpress site)

    Re: Creative Live ... hmmm ... do they contact potential presenters? Or listen to people's requests? Or go by potential presenters asking them? I don't know.
  • Great Idea, i have seen 2 amazing workshops on creative live and the HD video's are pretty gd.

    On creativelive's Facebook profile, they have a creativeLIVESuggest an Instructor link. I just submitted Neil's name through it so if they get enough requests we will see Neil on the show real soon.
  • I've seen and enjoyed Christa Meola's work. So simple and very little equipment needed. She likes natural light and works pretty much out of hotels for her Boudoir Shoots. I have her Book, The Art of Boudoir Photography. It covers all the bases as far as I've seen. She swears by Colorati for all her Photo editing. She does almost no editing herself. Nice gig if you can get it like that huh? Sorry to hijack the thread, but it was related Vaenka, Neil.
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