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Shooting a very long exposure (bulb) with a D700

StephenStephen Member
edited December 2010 in Nikon
I noticed that when I took a test shot in BULB mode, I have to keep my hands on the shutter button, to keep the shutter open, but I don't want to touch the shutter button to shake the camera. How does one handle this? Do I use the Mirror Up functionality? Use a remote like an MC-36?

Thanks for reading.


  • Hi, first off, I'll assume you're using a sturdy camera stand or stable surface to avoid camera shake. You will then want a remote like the MC-36 or the MC-30.
    The MC-30 is a straight forward shutter release (and you can find many cheap alternatives). The MC-36 has much more functionality, allowing you to set all sorts of timers, but is not particularly cheap if you just need a simple remote. You might find it useful if you're doing quite long exposures and want to time it accurately without needing to use a separate timer. It will also automatically close the shutter at the end of the timer period.
    You can use mirror up if you really feel that the shutter action is causing noticeable mirror vibration, but I've not needed to do this myself.
    In mirror up mode, the first press of the remote shutter opens the mirror, then second press takes the picture. The shutter will close automatically when you release the remote button.
  • Hi Aubrey,
    Thanks for your thoughts about this. Yes, it is safe to assume that the camera is on a tripod or stable surface. I was trying to figure out how to keep my hands off the shutter button on the camera for the BULB duration, as I was experimenting with setting up my camera for light painting.

    I think the MC-36 is probably what I need, because I do anticipate a need to have a timer.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Yup .. definitely time for the MC-30 or MC-36
    The MC-30 is very simple. It's just an electronic release, so it is more affordable.

    (I just bought an MC-36 with the intention of doing some time-lapse photography.)
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