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Here is a good one

ZenonZenon Member
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The first image was one of the best. Check out the image in the 3rd post.



  • Ouch. Clients need to verify the photographers before hiring them, regardless of what they are charging.
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    Damn! That's not even mediocre work.
  • ZenonZenon Member
    edited January 2012
    This photog normally charges $1500 but did it for $900 because a family member recommended her. I have been following this thread. I am convinced she does not own a flash and the groom is doing nothing about it. He just wants the RAW files so he can salvage what he can. That is what happens when family is involved. People do not want to rock the boat.

    I frequent POTN forums and almost every pro has stated they do not shoot for family or friends even if they are paid the full amount. You can produce the greatest images and a bridezilla can make things ugly. Always uncomfortable when family and friends are involved. No permanent damage or emotions when dealing with a client you are not connected with.

    I have shot for friends but was never comfortable about it. We are still friends.
  • I bet Missy from MWAC attack could do better. She would just whip that dial to Professional mode and charm her way through the whole event :)
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    . . . wearing her Rock Star Heels.
  • I just watched that episode. Now I get the rock star heels. Brilliant. I love how she said the pro would thank you if you were shadowing. That one made me laugh.
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