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The blog vs. Neil's books

xenonxenon Member
edited January 2012 in flash & lighting
Apologies if this has been asked before (I just joined the forum but the search function didn't help answer my question):
What role does the Tangents blog have in relation to Neil's books ("On-camera flash" and "off-camera flash")?

(I have the "On-camera flash" book already and find it highly educational and very well written, and am considering getting the second book once I get the hang of the basics, and the blog is excellent! But the reason I ask is that for extended reading periods I prefer sitting down comfortably with a physical book instead of a computer screen -so is everything in the blog covered in the two books, or is the blog meant to be in addition to them?)

PS: A big thanks to Neil if he's reading this, for his generousity in sharing all his knowledge and information! It's greatly appreciated :-)


  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    Xenon ... the material in the book was mostly derived from the blog ... but instead of smaller articles jumping around, the book is meant to be a linear explanation of the off-camera flash essentials.

    The Tangents blog is 700+ pages of article with LOTS of info in the comments. By now it would take an encyclopedia to have it all in print. So the book can't possibly contain it all.

    So the book is a nicely compiled linear explanation of it all.
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