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Which ND? filter to use in bright sunlight?

NeilHphotoNeilHphoto Member
edited March 2012 in news & discussions
I want to be able to shoot outdoor photoshoots with my wife. Here is the sinereo. It is a BRIGHT sunny day, with little cloud cover. I would like to use my Nikon flash/Alienbees B400 strobe with an umbrella to light her from the front. My ISO is at it's lowest (200), I want F2.8-F4, Shutter is at 1/200 sec., I want the sky to be knocked down a little. Delima, there is just way to much ambient light for this setup to work without blowing out the picture. So it seems to me a ND filter would work to lower the ambient, my question is, what number ND filter would generally be most useful in these conditions. I'm thinking ND8 (3 stops) but really not sure which is best. Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you


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