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Monitor: EIZO Flexscan SX2262W

lucentkolucentko Member
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This monitor was advertise in the Shutterbug magazine (April 2012). Finally in stock at BH Photo. I called to purchase it and I got much better price then is posted on BH web site. Salesman told me that it is on sale. (Tip: Purchase by phone not on line).
The monitor is unbelievable. I am learning the settings. Not sure if I should use setting "Pictures" or "sRGB". I do not see any difference. Tho ColorMunki photo worked excellent to calibrate this monitor.
What is your experience and settings?


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited March 2012

    You would/should be choosing 'Custom' so you determine your own settings, this is done by the calibrating device itself [in your case the Colormunki].

    Here is an article on calibration for the Flexscan, it's using the EyeOne Display, but it tells you what to do first up before using your calibrating device.

    Follow these instructions, then you can use your profiler to adjust to those settings.

    You probably will want to read thru these a couple of times first, or better yet, print it out before calibrating.


    EDIT: Regarding the 'Modes' you spoke about, this is part of that link:
    Now, we want to use the 'custom mode' of the monitor to calibrate your screen (rather than the 'text', 'sRGB', etc etc modes) - we can use the shorthand controls, rather than the main control panel, to get to this.

    So that makes your monitor calibration to what you want, not some pre-determined settings as you will have total control.

    I own an Eizo, but its the ColorEdge CG 242W one which uses the Hardware calibration tables in the monitor itself along with my EyeOne Display measuring device and Eizo's ColorNavigator software to access the monitor's hardware profiles built-in.

    Maybe also you can gleen some info from this link I participated in regarding the Eizo, maybe help you understand a bit more.


    From Eizo itself maybe some tutorial videos on their site.



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