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RubyRuby Member
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What would you go for out of the new canon 5d 3 or the canon 1d 4? I do a lot of bird photography and want a camera that has hi ISO abilities for low light shooting. I do the odd wedding and landscape. cheers Ruby.


  • dgvdgv Member
    my research tells me the 5D Mk II is not really a fast camera. not sure if 5D 3 is. 1D is definitely fast. I guess you will need a fast camera for bird photography. The Canon 7D is also a fast camera and it goes for around $1500. The cropped body helps you get that extra reach when shooting birds.
  • StroNoobStroNoob Member
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    The 5D3, at least according to the specs, made a big upgrade to the AF, and upped the burst speed (though still a far cry from the 1D4); essentially combining the speed capabilities of the 7D with the high-ISO performance of the 5D2. But you're comparing a prosumer camera with a professional quality build. The 1D is suppose to have the best AF that Canon has ever made. It also has professional quality sealing, that may be of use for early morning birding. If you can afford it, and warrant the cost, I'd probably say 1D4. Though I have little doubt that the 5D3 could handle birding, the odd wedding, and landscape pics no problem.

    Edit: You might find this interesting: http://www.dougbrownphotography.com/2012/04/03/canon-5d-mark-iii-vs-1d-mark-iv-high-iso/
  • RubyRuby Member
    Thanks for the link mate, very interesting. I think for what I do the m4 is the go. Nose to the grind stone for a bit longer!!
  • the 1D mk4 also has an intermediate sized APS-H sensor. That will give you a bit of extra zoom, and you'll only sacrifice a little bokeh for it. But anyway, if you're even thinking about going near water then there's really no debate. 1D Mk(whatever) is your thing.

    Consider waiting until the 1Dx hits the streets. Since the 5Dmk3 came out there have been a glut of 2nd hand 5Dmk2's going up for resale. Predict the same might happen for 1D mk4, who knows.
  • Sorry to harp on semantics, but this one gets my goat for some reason. There's no zoom with smaller sensors, it's just cropped. You lose information, not gain it.
  • Well, that is a separate discussion to the topic of this thread, and maybe it deserves its own thread.

    In my own unscientific experience, putting the same lens on an APS-C body still resolved more detail in the area that the sensor does cover. It is a crop optically, but there are still 18million pixels in that cropped area. And although some of them are interpolated and there is a limit to how much detail the glass can resolve, you will still get more fine detail from that picture than you would by cropping an equivalent amount of coverage from the 5D mkII's sensor.

    Unless we are talking about FF Nikons, which actually do crop to a smaller area of coverage on a full frame sensor. In that case, you are getting proportionately fewer pixels due to unchanged pixel density. In that case, by definition, you are losing information because the area is less, and the pixels are fewer.

    But as a matter of utility, it would be nice if we Canon users had that ability.
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