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FYI: Supplemental Flash can screw your on Camera Flash TTL metering.

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Supplemental Flash can screw up your on Camera Flash TTL metering.

Hi Everyone I just wanted to give a out an FYI

This past week I shot a small wedding. I had a second photographer with me.
He was using a studio flash to supplement his on camera flash. Un-benonced to me he had the " Slave on " so when ever my flash would fire it would fire. The problem that occurred was that my Nikon D3s TTL metering system picked up the light from the studio flash causing my images to be underexposed no mater what FEC/ISO I was using I had my camera at 6400 ISO and +3 FEC and Images were turing out under exposed.

Once I realized I turned the Slave off my camera's TTL metering system acted normally.

He had the Studio light set for F8 at 400ISO my camera was set for F4 at 1600 ISO.

And yes I checked extif...........Flash did fire !!!!!!!


With Supplemental Flash


With Out Supplemental Flash


The moral of the story is that you Supplemental Flashes must be set to the same or lower power than your on camera flash.

Lou Recine


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