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Black foamie thing (BFT) vs White foamie thing (WFT)

mvheystmvheyst Member
edited April 2012 in flash & lighting
The SpinLight 360 make use of black as well as white Bounce Cards.
http://neilvn.com/tangents/2012/04/26/exploring-the-spinlight-360-new-video/ or

The Black Bounce Card and the White Bounce Card of the spinlight 360 can be compared with the
Black foamie thing (BFT) and White foamie thing (WFT)

What is the best uses + advantages & disadvantages of the "Black foamie thing (BFT) vs White foamie thing (WFT)" ?


  • in a nutshell WFT will give u some more light but it will be generally be a flatter light, BFT will be more directional and give u more contrast it can make ur photos appear as if u used an off camera softbox to light the subject
  • WFT is for when you need more light to bounce, usually when there are high ceilings, distant bounce surfaces (or no bounce surfaces), or dark bounce surfaces. However, the light will spread out, making it less directional.

    BFT's black surface will absorb more of the initial flash's power, so you have less light going to your bounce surface, but what light you have will be directional. This is going to work most of the time.
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