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Parking Lot Lighting

RampageRampage Member
edited May 2012 in flash & lighting
I am a wedding photographer who has been shooting events with several direct flash units for many years. In some cases such as room lights the heads might be completely or partially bounce and in most cases the on camera is (maybe softened but) usually direct. Although I've been happy with this method but the lighting discussed in this forum is much more natural and (beautiful) and seems to embrace today's style as well as technology. It also seems simpler and in some ways less work. (Coordinating two light people and a set of room lights can be a full time job by itself and it doesn't lend itself to spontaneous PJ style. ).
My question though is how can a photographer catch an active dance floor in situations where there is little or no reflective surfaces such as an out door parking lot or a tennis court, or an airplane hanger or a stadium and in some cases a huge (I Mean Huge) ballroom? Are we talking umbrella or do we resort back to my old ways?


  • RampageRampage Member
    It appears that no one noticed my original post. I'm a bit new at this forum stuff so I'm not sure as to why there haven't been any responses to my issue. Was it something I said or am I the only one in the room?
  • Hi Rampage!

    As much as a pain it is sometimes to put up lights, that is overall the best solution. The only thing I would do is add umbrellas to give a softer light. I may add that with technology of the newer cameras the high iso is cleaner and you can get more pleasing results with less light. I used to cringe when shooting higher iso's but now I can get great reception shots at ISO 1600 +. My personal approach would be to add one or two flashes with umbrellas and have a flash on camera and work the angles that give me the best exposure for the background. That way my subject does not look like a deer in headlights and the background is slightly lit to give some assembelence of whats going on. I hope that helps!

    PS....I use the Phottix Strato II's which have the ability to turn on and off specific lights on command by using the butttons on the back. May add to the thought process but also may add to your PJ style.


  • MgarberMgarber Member
    I have a record of giving impractical advice on this forum, so I say get a large RC zeppelin made of diffuse white material, and stow some powerful flashes with radio poppers inside of it. It can follow you around like you're at a hockey game and whenever you shoot, it will light up like the sun!

    In fact, I like that Idea so much, i'll do it myself.
  • Mikes74Mikes74 Member
    Hi - try looking into these write ups about Paul C Buffs PLM (parabolic something and another umbrellas...) not sure if you are allowed to post links on Neil's site - but they are below...


    And the link to pricing...

  • Mikes74Mikes74 Member
    Saw the title Parking Lot Lighting and responded as above - might not be practical to have incinerate the world when i pop my flashes lighting like in the reviews inside a hall with a small dancefloor!!
  • RampageRampage Member
    Than you everyone for the advice. Seems like, as usual, it's a matter of compromise.
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