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Offcamera TTL triggers

smphotosmphoto Member
edited May 2012 in news & discussions
...for D5100. Being a canny Scot, looking to replicate Neil's Look with softbox and off camera flash - all using a d5100 and 17-50 / 2.8 sigma lens and sb-700! So far, I have only been able to use pop up flash (with IR FILTER IN FRONT) and sb-700 in su-4 mode (optical slave) which of course means I am restricted to MANUAL mode for flash (D5100 does not have CLS) and also means I need to walk over to soft-box to adjust settings! Looking for a trigger solution (most likely radio) that would enable off-camera TTL control of SB-700 and, ideally, control over groups of flashes (2 minimum, and ideally 3). The SB-700 has a commander mode I know but this is restricted to 2 groups and all in same mode, i.e. cant mix manual and ttl flash (highlight and key for example). SU-800 is a similar IR controller, so not radio. Do I need to go to expensive radio poppers for this or can I get away with something cheaper? Does the lack of CLS in camera inhibit me when using radio triggers from the likes of Pixel King? Advice and comments greatfully received! Looking for this OUTDOORS hence preference for radio rather than IR control.


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