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Lightroom Questions

amythntramythntr Member
edited July 2012 in news & discussions
1. For somereason I no longer get my shoot information (i.e. Angelica's Sweet Sixteen Shoot) on each picture when I view them in the modules...I know I must have done something but don't know what.

2. When I leave the develop module to work on an image in lets say the OnOne photo suite....the worked on photos are saved as a PSD files and show up at the beinning of my overall photo library and not where they originally were in sequence....can this be changed?


  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited July 2012
    1: You mean the filename and cam settings?

    Go to View/View Options . . . [Cmd or Ctrl J]
    You get this [Image below]. Place check in 'Show Info Overlay'

    You also have the option of what to 'view' there are drop-down menus. Choose my settings if you want this like mine. Info 2


    2: You may have the 'Sort' in Capture Time or Added Order, change to Filename. This usually happens if you are sorting also in manual and if I have that then created a new PSD it comes in at the very end of my list. You probably will have to go back to Library to change.


  • Thanks Trev...let me take a look at this evening!
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