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Is the Nikon d2xs any good.

scottyboyscottyboy Member
edited August 2012 in wedding photography
Hi everyone, I am currently shooting with a d90/d200 combo and I am wondering if i should switch the d90 for a d2xs mainly for the pro build, pro focus and speed.
I'm i mad ? I understand the d90 may be a little better at higher iso's but how much ?
All your opinions are welcome.


  • Hi scottyboy,

    First of all, I've never owned a D2x, This kind of body is above my league, though you might get them now for around $600,- used. So this is merely opinion.

    It will be more logical to replace the D90 with D5100 for better ISO performance, though it doesn't have "pro" facilities and "pro" build, or you might as well get a used D7000 if your budget is set, OR you can wait for photokina to see what will happen then.

    But planned obsolescence aside, I think D2x won't provide you with better image quality, it was professionally good, but Nikon won't be happy if it stays good. Technology is advancing every second as we speak (or as I'm typing), a professional tool today might be child's toy tomorrow... well to put it bluntly.

    And the "pro build", are you sure you're not referring to "pro look"? If you've been shooting under demanding circumstances that require tank-like body, then the D200 and D2x combo would make it. There are a lot of good people around me slapping the battery grips or buying pro bodies just to get the pro look, which sadly, don't improve their results, while the contrary happens, which is quite amusing.

    As for the speed and focusing, what is it that you are shooting anyway? This should affect your decision.

    Anyway, if you want it, and understand it, you might as well take it.

  • Hi Scottyboy

    I used a D2x for over 5 years and loved it , as long as it was below 800 ISO.
    Its Horrible above 800 ISO I would keep using your D90 and up grade to a D800 or equivalent model when you can afford it.

    Trust me , because un like a consumer camera a D2x will be well used my friend

    "Beam me up Dude" !!!!!!! (LOL)
  • TrevTrev Moderator
    edited August 2012
    You would be much better off like Matrixphoto suggested . . . or . . . get a used D3s, a lot of very good D3s cameras would now be on the market as many would have traded up to the D4.

    Pro body, brilliant in low light, very fast, loads features and probably get one good price maybe @ eBay/2nd hand store; depends on your budget since they would still be in the $3200-$3900 range I should think, depending on use.

    I would not go for the D2x as Matrixphoto said they would be well worn.
  • Neil vNNeil vN Administrator
    I had the D2x and it is a fine camera. However, a used Nikon D700 is much better value for money.
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